Camera Upload issue on Android

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Camera Upload issue on Android

Postby Djchew » Mon May 11, 2015 2:48 pm

I had an issue where Camera Upload would get stuck on a file and never get past it. I was using the Tonido 3.5 Beta version. But this issue would normally go away on its own eventually. Then it stopped getting any further. I was stuck with over 600 files that would not process or upload.
I upgraded to Tonido 4.0 and the issue still exists.

I found this in the server log:
15:13:21:641 [7] [DeferredDispatcher]:E: Tonido::Explorer::ExplorerPlugin::onFileExistsPoco Exception caught : G:\Cloud\Tonido\Camera\My Name - A0001\IMG_20150410_220800:nopm:.jpg

I checked my device and I found that file. That is the real file name. Not sure why the camera saved it with this name, but you should probably put in some kind of handling or error for this issue. Windows will not allow for a file name with a ":" in it.

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