IOS8 PhotoUpload failing (Exception 374)

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Re: IOS8 PhotoUpload failing (Exception 374)

Postby bsquarewi » Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:59 pm

Yes, I am able to upload photos by connecting to the server, browsing to the directory that should be my camera upload directory and then selecting several (up to a couple hundred) photos and they all upload just fine. Selecting just a couple (4) videos uploaded the first one and then hung on the very second one. While I can't really test this via the camera upload automated process because I don't see any option to just upload photos vs. photos and video. But yes, it is very easy to replicate the issue by trying to upload videos through the browse and upload process. I have tried through both the and direct xxxx:10001 to my server, results are the same.

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