On connection disruption, uploaded file may be incomplete

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On connection disruption, uploaded file may be incomplete

Postby yaab » Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:26 am

I had a case where I actually watched an auto upload in progress when entering a building and into an elevator (3G connection got lost at that time) and into my apartment where the Android device would connect through WiFi. Somewhere along this process an upload of a video I took got corrupted. The file would stay incomplete on the Tonido server and would never recover.

I had to manually delete the file from Tonido server for the mobile app to upload it again - I guess the app only compares filenames? As connection issues are expected in both 3G and WiFi, I'd suggest a file integrity mechanism should be added.

Many thanks!

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Tonido Team
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Re: On connection disruption, uploaded file may be incomplet

Postby rydgaze » Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:52 pm

Thanks for the update. Yes. it is a known issue (only file names are currently checked). We will be adding file size check as well.

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