Tonido on Android - standard playback controls

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Tonido on Android - standard playback controls

Postby LaLa » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:48 pm

Running Tonido 4.1 on my Android 7.0 smartphone. It seems to me that the Tonido app doesn't seem to support the standard Android API for playback controls. Tonido's on-screen controls work just fine, but:

  • if I have a Bluetooth audio device connected, which usually have their own physical play/pause/prev/next controls, those do nothing when Tonido is playing audio. Same BT physical controls work fine in, for example, Google Play Music.
  • the notifications area does show Tonido with the name of the current audio file and a progress bar. However, it should also show basic playback controls, like many other audio player apps do.

I think if the Tonido app added support for the Android playback API, all of these problems would go away.

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