Android Camera Upload Stuck / Doesn't Work

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Android Camera Upload Stuck / Doesn't Work

Postby yaab » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:01 am

Hi team, I'm reposting as a new topic.

I successfully use camera upload from several devices (2x Android, 1x IOS). One additional Android device used to work ok but then ceased uploading for over a month now. All I remember is that I disabled the camera upload and then enabled it again and since then it only shows:
Exception: Running
Checking: 0
Sending: --
Last attempt: --
Progress: 0%

From the same app I can get my files on the server, as well as camera upload screen shows correct server, "save to" path etc' but sync process simply does nothing...

I specifically mention again that same server successfully being used for camera upload by other mobiles as well as that this mobile used to be ok but ceased...

I already tried:
- Cleared the Android app cache,
- Uninstalling and installing the app again,
- Clearing the app data and setting it up again,
- Clearing app data and uninstall, reinstall,
- Rebooted the mobile, of course, sometimes through these attempts

Win server version: running on Win 10
Android app version: 4.1 (2016 Feb 22) running on stock Google Nexus 5 Marshmallow (6.0.1 with security patch level 2016 July 5)

Any help will be appreciated. I used to rely on this heavily...

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