iPhone will never finish sync Photos/Videos (exception)

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iPhone will never finish sync Photos/Videos (exception)

Postby Zahmatra2015 » Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:42 pm

Everytime it tries to download, it gets the exception. In the past, it downloaded some files, but now it seems to be stuck on this video. I tried renaming the phone and trying connecting again, and again, it starts downloading some pictures, and then get stuck on the video and get the exception.

The exception shows as if there is connectivity issues, but I can assure there are none. I have an enteprise grade Wifi setup and the connectivity is done internally (WAN-TO-LAN redirect from the server)

Other than that, I am able to access the music and photos that I have stored on the server without any problem.

I try to check on the server logs but I see nothing related with the exception on the phone. I have about 6 Gb of pictures and videos that I need to download but I am unable to. I have spent plenty of time on this issue, and I am already frustrated.

The server is sitting on a Windows Server 2008 R2. The only few entries but I am not sure if they are related are as follow:

23:39:22:690 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]
23:39:22:706 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]
23:39:22:721 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]
23:39:22:721 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]
23:39:22:737 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]
23:39:22:753 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]
23:39:22:768 [23] [TCPServerConnection (default[#7])]:T: HTTP Request [] [GET] [/core/getlogfile]
23:39:22:768 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]
23:39:22:784 [25] [TCPServerConnection (default[#9])]:T: HTTP Request [] [POST] [/app/explorer/fileexists]

Please, I need help or else I will end up removing it all together.


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