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Bugs with Android app

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:36 am
by Sunwalker
I just installed the Tonido Android app from the Google Play store on my Galaxy S4, and it appears to have several showstopping bugs:

- The image cache system appears to use the filename as key. This means that if I open a photo names 1.jpg in one folder, then another named the same in another folder, I'm gonna see the first photo in both cases. Might I suggest using the full file path as key?

- The video player usually bugs out if I lock and then unlock my phone: all I see is a blank screen with an enlarged playback interface (pause button in particular is bigger), with no way to resume play. Then if I fiddle around with the buttons the app crashes ("Tonido has stopped working").

- When I activate the lock screen functionality, when coming back to the app I first see whatever was open in Tonido, and then the lock screen shows up on top a few seconds later. Kind of defeats the point of a lock screen.

I like the idea of Tonido but I can't really use it with those bugs.