URL-forwarding issue with android app

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URL-forwarding issue with android app

Postby sindr » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:00 am


After a couple of incidents where the tonido service was down and I couldn't connect, I set up my own URL and forwarded port 10001 to access the server.

My URL is like "http://ul.mydomain.net" which forwards to http://mydomain.dyndns.biz/ui/core/index.html

This works brilliantly in the browser, but the android app doesn't like this. When I try to connect with ul.mydomain.net in the app, I don't get any error message or anything, just a message saying "preparing" that flash for half a second. Then nothing.

If I connect with username.tonidoid.com it works, and I can log on with the guest accounts and all.

I have tried disabling the relay setting, but to no avail. I have also tried different variations of URL forwarding like ul.mydomain.net->username.tonidoid.com and ul.mydomain.net->xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ui/core/index.html

I hope someone can help me set this up correctly!

Thank you in advance!

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