Windows/SAMBA Share on Server 2003 - cifs anyone?

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Windows/SAMBA Share on Server 2003 - cifs anyone?

Postby tanjun » Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:33 pm

So I am reposting this from elsewhere, since I was able to glean more info due to my setup which inturn leaves me with just more questions.

Apparently, as per the following link, samba/smbfs and my Windows Server 2003 box don't talk the same talk. Is this true for the plug? ... ermanently

I've searched the forums for cifs information, but nothing spectacular shows up. I don't have any issue in attempting what the link above shows (I assume all the steps need to be performed in the order shown), but don't want to make more trouble for myself if there's a simpler/alternate way.

This forum post shows an interest in the cifs issue, but nothing was resolved as far as I can tell

Without this connection, I'm unable to use the jukebox as intended or share anything significant. Big bummer as everything else is humming.

I SSH'd into the Plug, ran the code from the default Samba forum post and get nothing. Screen shot of result below is what I am faced with no matter what code I enter. On a side note, I do have a space within a folder name (can't remove it) and tried quotes and \040 both to no avail. This I think is not the major issue though as an error code would probably get tossed up in an attempt to get corrected.

Thanks for any time spent. Resolving this last issue would make this Tonido setup PERFECT.
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