RESOLVED: Cannot Access Plug - IP Address changed

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RESOLVED: Cannot Access Plug - IP Address changed

Postby morningnapalm » Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:35 am

I upgraded the software on my Tonido Plug the other night and I think it resulted in a change of IP address for the plug. It was on XXX.XX.X.10 and is now on xxx.xx.x.08 (based on my router). I have since then dedicated xxx.xx.x.10 to the Tonido plug, but cannot get it to acquire an address different from xxx.xx.x.08. I have unplugged the LAN line to the plug, but it keeps grabbing the same IP address and not the one I dedicated to it. I have tried to ssh to the plug via the new IP address, but it won't connect?

Any ideas. I am not much of an expert on networking, so am at a loss for how to force it to reconnect to the original IP address. I am also assuming that this is the root of my problem connecting.


UPDATE: Nevermind. I was using 08 at the end of my IP instead of 8 which was preventing me from ssh'ing to the plug. Once I did that I used the following to force the IP address change (found by googling)

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# ifconfig eth0 netmask up
I found it here

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