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Can I do all this with TonidoPlug ?

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:49 am
by henk

I really like the whole concept of Tonido and the TonidoPlug. But before I order the Plug, I would like to ask you if it will allow me to do these things :
- plug in two harddisks and have one mirrored automatically with the other (via rsync?) as a backup
- let a separate XBMC box have access to the video and audio files on the main harddisk for streaming on my TV
- have access to my photos via the filesystem
- control which users have access to which folders

I suspect that all of this is possible, but will it also be speedy enough ? Do you think the network speed is the bottleneck ?
Also any tips on the harddisks ? Do you think a powered usb hub is as good as a powered harddisk ?

Many thanks!