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Re: Plug and "Pro"?

Postby knireis » Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:50 pm

tonido4umadmin wrote:Hi,

In any software business, developers are the major cost more than the bandwidth and servers. Personal cloud sync is totally a new feature and it took 1.5-2 years and 7 developers to build it. We want to improve the sync app in every release and make the app as the best in category as we move along - that means continuous deployment of devs.

Essentially we are charging for a new app - Sync. Also from our analysis, Plug buyers use more bandwidth and support resource than users who are using Tonido in their computers. That is the reason for the pricing. Also we think 29.99/year is very nominal for the value it provides.

We think charging for software is actually a good thing for both the customers and Tonido. It shows we are serious about Tonido's business. Users who pay for the software also understand the value it provides and offer good feedback. We want to make Tonido a sustainable business that will allow development of new, rock solid and innovative features to the customers and improve the platform.

Without nominal charges, we cannot really do that.We hope you understand our position.

Tonido team

Does Sync always use your servers? What if i select to set my plug up with portforwarding?

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Re: Plug and "Pro"?

Postby agrajag » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:28 pm

honnoric wrote:Please rethink your revenue model for Sync - I really want the Tonidoplug to continue to develop into my personal cloud - but that will not be the case with such a clumsy pricing model.

That's exactly, what i've tryd to sai before. There is no Problem with paying for that. And 30 Bugs for a Yearly fee would be OK to me. But it should be a fair offer for All. But in this case Plug users with Pro are paying more and getting less (Plug users has allready payed for 2 of the 3 Features in pro, when they bought the Plug). So Plug user with pro shoul get some more.
You could rise up the Limits for Plug-with-pro-users.
And if they switch of Relay you should drop the Limits completly.
That would be a Fair Model.

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