Podcatcher for downloading and management of podcasts

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Podcatcher for downloading and management of podcasts

Postby scott_mebust » Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:36 am

I was hoping that hpodder was available in Ubuntu Jaunty (or, at least, in the armel port) but it seems that it is not. It is text-based, can be scheduled via cron, and has few dependencies. I was going to set it up to periodically download podcasts to the Tonido to be served up by the UPnP and/or iTunes servers.

Of course, all this really does is cache local copies of the audio files. Regardless, it could be cool to have Tonido set up to do this and it could even be managed, say, from an Administration page of the Tonido software. Probably want to have it run as non-root user, though.

There are some other podcatchers (gpodder, kitty) in Jaunty but I think they have heavier dependencies and have graphical user interfaces. There is podget, which depends on wget, but I haven't tried it. There's also podracer, which looks like a possibility.

Anyone else think of or try this?

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Re: Podcatcher for downloading and management of podcasts

Postby psyphi » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:45 am


Sorry to answer this post so late. But I had the same problem and I find a solution.


It is a bash script that can download your podcasts without any GUI and which is very light.

You can then programs the download tasks with Cron.

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