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Tonido versus Sheeva

Postby scott_mebust » Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:39 am

I just wanted to say I appreciate the efforts (and success) of Tonido in adding value to the (Sheeva) Plug computer by providing a Web UI for a personal (cloud) server. Apart from my Qnap NAS, which provides a web administration interface, I'm used to working at a lower level with the Linux distribution and operating system. And while I'm happy voiding my warranty by playing with the Tonido outside of the Web UI and with the Ubuntu distribution beneath it, I understand that this isn't intended to be the primary method of access. The Tonido Plug and software are cool and so is the Sheeva Plug. I'm going to continue working with my Tonido but might just go get a Sheeva with development kit for the more potentially dangerous work. :D

Thanks, Tonido.

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