Updating Tonido Software versus updating Operating System

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Updating Tonido Software versus updating Operating System

Postby scott_mebust » Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:00 am

So, I'm guessing that the indicator, within the Tonido Web UI, that says the Tonido software is up to date and that allows one to update it if necessary does not reflect or affect whether the Ubuntu Linux operating system is up to date. Is this the case? That is, updating the Tonido through the Web UI will only affect the Tonido software that runs the Web UI and nothing more.

If that's the case then what about updating the operating system? Is there any danger in doing an OS update? Again, I'm assuming this will void the warranty. Given the limited storage space, is updating possible and wise? Apart from possible storage space issues (which might be a big issue if many packages need to be downloaded and updated), is there anything else to be concerned about?

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apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade

Are we safe in doing this? Or is it a really bad idea?

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Re: Updating Tonido Software versus updating Operating System

Postby madhan » Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:20 am

Yes Scott, Tonido's indicator is for updating Tonido software only. Nothing about the underlying OS.

We think running the upgrade on the OS is really a bad idea, because we have no idea what can possibly go wrong. Starting with the standard supporting runtimes to drivers, drivers etc there are just too many unknowns to predict if upgrade will work anytime you try it.

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