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Postby jjblu » Mon May 16, 2016 6:59 am

I have a tonidoPlug2 and have been running it, booting off of an internal SATA drive. Would it be possible to use a usb cd-rom drive? I'd like to copy off of some CDs and would prefer to do it directly on the tp2.
I am able to plug in and pull data off of a cd using the cdparanoia program pointing to /dev/sg1 but I don't get a fully mounted block device on /dev/cdrom or anywhere else that I can see. So, when trying to get a list of files on the audio cd it is not possible.

Instead it just returns:
root@TonidoPlug2:~# cd-discid /dev/sg1
cd-discid: /dev/sg1: CDROMREADTOCHDR: Operation not permitted

Is there additional linux configuration I can do to get the tp2 to recognize and mount the audio-cds? I've only tried with one cd-drive and so I'm not sure if I should be using something else.

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