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"Custom" Android app

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:44 am
by nsurg1
I'm interested in using either Tonido, or any other solution known to anyone to accomplish the following:
Allow for my Android 4.1 phone to access my computer's files and allow for the DEFAULT android apps (default image viewer, Google Play Music manager, MX video player) to view/stream the files I have on the computer. In essence, I am looking for a remote virtual Terabyte drive "attached" to my phone as if it were an extra-large SD card.
The latest version of the Android app is dramatically better than the previous version and allows for the Android app of your choice to via/play the file but you cannot select the default app once (have to do it each time), and it does this on a single file-by-file basis. I would be willing to compensate someone to allow for the setting of the default app used to open/view/play each file type.
I know that SMB sharing on a Windows machine can work with Android remote/network file explorer apps (e.g. File Manager, Antek, etc.). However, this method (despite a fast Win 7 machine) is painfully slow (max 30Mb/sec despite a Wifi-N fast network).

Also, I know mentioning a competitor's name is not a terrific idea, but the latest Android app still pales to pogoplug's.

Thanks in advance.