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[Off topic] Share media/backup server with friends online

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:37 am
by Ametz
I was wondering if anyone has some ide├ęs on programs that might be able to sync/backup files over internet, and perhaps share a folder (like a network folder)

Like this:
I might buy a synology 12 bay (And in the end use 12X3TB HDD)
Since the synology can't "share over internet" i will use the HTPC and have it accessed as a network drive. So i will only use the synology as a very big harddrive to my HTPC

In the synology harddrive i will have all music and all movies etc.

Also Tonido will be able to stream the music and anyone can download movies (or stream if its small musicvideos)

BUT i also want to have a program that everyone can use to backup their computers in the backround to my synology via the HTPC (Or direct if its possibly, but i dont think so). Like my mother, my brothers etc.. So that the synology drive will also work as a sync backup unit over internet (not just local network) Also if everyone could have there bacup encrypted, that would be really good.

Iv been looking on things like and that seem to do the trick.
But it might be better to ask around alittle first..

In the end i want as few programs as possible...

PS: Why is there no [Off topic] forum?

Re: [Off topic] Share media/backup server with friends onlin

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:27 am
by Ametz
What i'm asking for is a simple accessible folder setup like this on the server:

[]Multimedia (only accessible via Tonido web interface)

[]blablabla something
[]blablabla something
[]blablabla something

[]Friend Backup folder
[][]Folder anyone can see and edit
[][]Jens Private folder
[][]Karlsson Private folder
[][]Jennys Private folder

Remote from Hens computer should look like this in explorer (Network Drive over internet type)
[] Folder anyone can see, edit
[] Jens Private folder

Those folders are only in the server and not on his computer.

And then be able to use that folder to do uploads/backups/syncs of the whole computer etc..

I have just been fiddling around with Tonido Sync, but it dosen't seem to do this?

Does any Tonido product do something like this?

I just tested this: ... +Windows+7

And thats just what i'm after, but all friends should be able to have their own folder
(And perhaps share one folder with all ppl) Then everyone can sync/backup etc how ever they want to there own storrage. And i should be able to limit quota for each user.