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Re: downloadaszip

Postby spartacus » Tue Dec 06, 2011 1:00 pm

Finally, the mystery is solved:

It turns out that zipstatus returns result=1 if the passed ID is unknown - i.e. was not returned by the startzip request.

Basically saying: I've never heard of that zip file, but go ahead and download it.

And, sometimes, I was passing an unknown ID to zipstatus - why?

Apparently, Action Script cannot be relied upon to convert a string to a Number:
sometimes the result is off by 10:

Code: Select all


is converted to:

Code: Select all


If I do the conversion manually, digit by digit, same result.

According to Action Script:
The Number class can be used to represent integer values well beyond the valid range of the int and uint data types. The Number data type can use up to 53 bits to represent integer values...

apparently not accurately though...

Solution: store the ID as a String - everyone is happy.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions - I appreciate the feedback.


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