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Re: Tonido sofware updates, how exactly is that done?

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:05 am
by madhan
The plugin is packaged into a format suitable for updates by first making a manifest.xml that contains a list of all the files in the plugin and then gzipping the files. They are then placed in a special folder so that they are available for install.

Once user installs it, the files get downloaded to a folder inside the "plugins" folder and get activated.

Later, when there is a new update, Tonido disables the plugin and downloads each file and saves into the same folder (replacing existing files of the same name). Note old files are not disturbed nor is any other files in the folder. So any stuff in there is left alone by the update.

Having said that, current update mechanism works well for few files (C++ has a single dll), but might be inefficient for PHP apps with thousands of files. We might need to make it work better.