Backing up to TonidoPlug2 (TP2)

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Backing up to TonidoPlug2 (TP2)

Postby 3wheels1life » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:29 pm


I have several computers I need to back up to my TonidoPlug2 (TP2).
One runs WinXP and the others run Ubuntu 12.04.
They are on the same LAN as my TP2.
In order to do this, I have some questions for you:

Can you recommend an Open Source / GNU GPL software to back up using WinXP to the TP2 over a LAN?
How can I configure it?

How can I configure Deja Dup in Ubuntu to backup my files to my TP2 over a LAN? Do I need a different backup program (if so, can you recommend one)?

How should I configure the TP2 for these backups? Do I use Tonido Backup?

Also, can backups be made over the Internet from a remote location, and if so, how?

Thanks. This feature is something I will definitely need to use.


NOTE: I did put this exact post in the wrong category before, so I copied it here. Feel free to delete the other post.

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Re: Backing up to TonidoPlug2 (TP2)

Postby madhan » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:41 pm

You can use syncbackse which is a good freeware for backup.
You need to mount your plug as a HDD to your windows machine and then backup to that drive.

Not sure about backup software for ubuntu as I usually only use rsync.

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