Norton AntiVirus blocks Remote Connections

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Norton AntiVirus blocks Remote Connections

Postby wikiterra » Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:22 pm

Hi--first off this thing is awesome. I'm planning on putting this to good use.

This isn't really a support question, just something I think should be addressed as a warning.

Yesterday I installed Tonido and this morning I left my computer on to try an test it from work. I hadn't set up port forwarding (essentially because I was being lazy) so I put Tonido on my work computer* to try the Remote Connection feature. Unfortunately it just would not connect for some unknown reason. I forget the error that Tonido reported, but it basically said it couldn't find the server.

Then I got home just now and saw that Norton Antivirus reported a security alert at the time I was trying to connect, and asked for permission to let it through.

norton-tonido-block.JPG (42.31 KiB) Viewed 3134 times

Of course I didn't know this happened because I couldn't see my home computer screen at the time. Also, this was kind of unexpected since I didn't realize Norton would act in a firewall this way, and actually after looking around in the configuration menu you can't even choose which ports are blocked/unblocked. I can only imagine that this matched a worm signature.

SO...I just wanted to suggest that you might want to give the user a warning of this sort of possible behavior by their anti-virus software. Or even better, when initially setting up the account and testing the connection over port 10001, how about testing the remote connection feature? That way if the user's software firewall or anti-virus program gets its panties in a twist, the user will at least be there to permit it for future use.

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Re: Norton AntiVirus blocks Remote Connections

Postby rydgaze » Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:48 pm

Hi Wikiterra,

Thank you for pointing it out. We will add this to our documentation and FAQ section.

This is also issue if you try to update Tonido from a remote location (Because Tonido will restart after the update and will get blocked with firewall warning and will be inaccessible)

Also, please note, that Tonido Remote Connection is not enabled by default, so you would need to enable that as well. (Tonido Admin -> Settings -> Network -> Remote Access -> Permit Tonido Network Remote Access )

Tonido HTTP remote access can also be checked by using "Web Access Setup Wizard" from Tonido Admin Home page. This will allow a remote Tonido host to try and access the Tonido server to ensure that the port is forwarded (and not blocked by firefwall) successfully.

Thanks and Regards

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