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Not accessible from web (on a gatewaty)

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:24 pm
by balloooza
Ubuntu server 8.04 (Running ebox-software, and of wourse tonido,)
Also running (and sucessfuly forwarding)
Apache web server (not a port forward, a firewall opening)
Slingbox is behind it.

Tonido is running on the server on 10001, the server is acting as a router (between the lan and the internet, lan there is no other "blockage"

I have complete access in the area, and over vpn, but I would like to access it from anywhere, I think that, rather than a port forward, I should just open the firewall but neither let me access it from the web.

Also, I am happy with Tonido so far, you have a great product, I mostly use the jukebox, but everything else is awesome.

I have tailed the log files, and Absolutely nothing happens when I use an external address, going through the open port happensbut when I connect localy, or over vpn, I get plenty of messages, I also get some messages trickiling in from active session, locally, I would guess that is when it is updating to make sure it is still connected.

I can let let you see any log that might be helpfull.

Thanks for any assistance ahead of time.
Mark Amber