Special Case Install on Linux/Ubuntu 9.04

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Special Case Install on Linux/Ubuntu 9.04

Postby ttoilleb » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:41 pm

Currently I have Tonido installed on my ubuntu user. What I want to do is have it autostart at system boot and not rely on a user. I also want to put the data directory (currently at ~/tonido) somewhere else, ie:/_data/tonido.

I tried creating a user - tonidomain in group tonido. Then put the following in /etc/rc.local -su - tonidomain -c /usr/local/tonido/tonido.sh start
However, since tonidomain requires a password, this does not work. Tonido will start but all access is denied. I am assuming due to the fact the logon failed and therefor no ~/tonido was found. (yes, I copied my ~/tonido to the new users home.

I tried to move the directory by changing the localconfig.xml and that does work either (same result as above). Do the instructions mean I need to combine ~/tonido and the /usr/local/tonido directories to the new location?

So, can this be done or am I stuck having to have my user always logged on. I can autostart when I login. (if what I am trying to do is not making sense, I apologize)

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