Support for Tonido on the Desktop including Windows/Mac/Linux
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Postby agrajag » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:56 am

I've played around with my new Tonido-Plug a little and first of all will say thank you for this great Stuff.
I'm a developer myself and i know that there is many bad featback for things going wrong, but there is no one saying just "Thank you".
(And yes, i've posted some problems myself before)
Thank You for developing Tonido.

But i had some ideas, while playing around:

1. JukeBox-App
  • Adding the collections from other Users in my tonido group. So i can mix up my lokal files with files from other tonido users on my group in one Playlist. The Track are than streamed directly from the remote plug (the plug from an other user) when played. If the remote Tonido is offline the Tracks/Collections should marked red and should be skipped on the playlist.
  • Some kind of sharing the Tracks like the Photos-App does with photos.(download the files, instead of streaming like in the first point)
  • some kind of webradio, so that i can listen to my music from any (Hardware!)radio-client
  • Bug: the columns in the tag editor doesnt fit size withe the headers.
  • extend tag-editor to add cover art and lyrics
  • catch track details from "musicbrainz.org" in Tag-editor
  • show cover-Art in the Albums-View and while Playing

2. VideoBox
  • some jukeBox like App for watching videos in the WebBrowser(With the same extensions like above)

3. Sync
  • Like i sayd in one of my other posts, syncing Folders is (IMHO) the most importand thing. Syncing shares beetween other Tonidos would be nice. (I think the Workspace App is doing that job, but i'm not sure where the limits are. Would it work for a large collection of files and even for very Big files????)
  • "dropbox" like syncing beetwen the Tonido server and multiple clients is very Importand (IMHO).

4. WebOS Client
  • I think this is clear ;)

5. Other stuff
  • Force SSL when connecting from outside via <myID>.tonidoid.com

Well, thats all i'm missing :mrgreen: .

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Re: Wishlist

Postby ericgus » Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:14 pm

Yes .. i have to say so far im very happy with the Tonido plug.. all in all its been really good..
as a local nas it has worked flawless .. and the web stuff works pretty well too.. though i haven't fully explored that part yet.

Only minor bit:
granted there was a bit of weirdness with SMB and OSX 10.5/10.6+ but thats not a Tonido problem but more a change Apple did with OSX to support unix-extensions on an SAMBA server causing issues with applications/bundles that contain aliases.. This is more an OSX/Samba issue.. fortunately easily fixed..

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Re: Wishlist

Postby madhan » Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:39 am

Thanks for the feedback. We hear ya!

We are also looking into the Mac issue to see if we can fix it.

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