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Location of "/ui/core/index.html" for SSL & Proxy

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:59 pm
by thedoctor
Hello -

I've successfully installed Tonido on my headless server (tunneling via "ssh -L 10001: <your_server_ip_here>" worked great!), but I'm attempting to setup a Lighttpd proxy config to move all incoming Tonido server connections via SSL. I have SSL properly setup for a different web-app , but I require the exact location of /ui/core/index.html

Hunting thru /usr/local/tondio, I see it's apart of it looks like it's expanded once Tonido is booted.

Why am I trying to do this? <existing ability>I'm hoping CodeLathe will update a verison that gives a sys admin the option to bypass Tonido's DynDNS & store the accounts directly on the host</existing ability-- thanks madhan !>. Until then, I don't want to wait for an SSL-enabled edition when I could use my own certs. Any advice would be most appreciated.

I note /usr/local/tondio/* is "owned" by <username> rather than root. Would it not be a better security practice to have root-ownership? What about changing ~/tonido to a hidden dir ~/.tonido?
Ubuntu Server 8.04.2LTS, Lighttpd 1.4.19 (ssl)