Unable to start Tonido

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Unable to start Tonido

Postby slcpks » Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:29 am

RE: Tonido on Win7 and iPhone

Apologize if this shows up twice - hit some key and the message I was creating went away. I don't see it on the list, so am re-entering...)

(I read the two msgs I found under this topic but they seemed of no help in my environment.)

I did a restart this morning on my iPhone to keep hundreds of files from re-downloading again from a large folder. After that, I keep getting this error window when I try to start Tonido on the Win7 ("Server") machine:

unable to start Tonido
- check if already running
- could have crashed, stop in Task Mgr and Restart
- check tonido.log

Tonido is NOT showing in Tast Manager. I rebooted the server twice - ho help. I did a hard restart on my iPhone - didn't help. Here's what the log has in it for this morning:

08:41:11:274 [0] []:I: Shutting down Tonido
08:41:11:305 [7] [DeferredDispatcher]:I: Stopping Relay Service
08:41:11:305 [10] [CoreRelayService]:E: Tonido::Core::tunnel_client_local::handle_read_header 1236 Caught handle_read error The network connection was aborted by the local system
08:41:12:397 [0] []:E: PluginManager: Plugin Stop for unknown plugin
08:41:12:397 [0] []:E: PluginManager: Plugin Stop for unknown plugin
08:41:12:460 [6] [Dispatcher]:I: Unsubscribe from all [CoreItunesImporter]
08:41:12:522 [6] [Dispatcher]:I: Unsubscribe from all [indexer]
08:41:12:522 [6] [Dispatcher]:I: Unsubscribe from all [corerelayservice]
08:41:13:365 [6] [Dispatcher]:I: Unsubscribe from all [CoreUpdateService]
08:41:13:380 [6] [Dispatcher]:I: Unsubscribe from all [CoreWorkserService]
08:41:13:489 [6] [Dispatcher]:E: No Message Handler Found For EventNotifierService for operation UNSUBSCRIBEALL
08:41:13:505 [6] [Dispatcher]:E: No Message Handler Found For TimerService for operation STOP
08:41:13:505 [0] []:I: Shutting Deferrerd Message Dispatcher
08:41:13:505 [0] []:I: Shutting Message Dispatcher
08:41:13:505 [0] []:I: Shutting down...GoodBye!
08:41:13:505 [0] []:I: **************************************

So why is a simple crash such a major issue to solve? What do I do next?

Please help. Thanks.

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