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Ubuntu 17.04 64bit tonido starts but can't connect to any clients

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 2:12 pm
by heju.bawra
I have been running tonido for few years without any issues. Recently I changed the old platter HDD to SSD and installed fresh ubuntu os.
I installed tonido and it launched. I was able to re-use my regular id.
And now, I can't connect to the server from anything. I have tried android app (from phone), ios app (ipad) and browser (url) from ipad and other laptops.
I have tried it with relay enabled as well as disabled.
With relay enabled I get "failed contacting service" and with relay disabled, I get "unable to find server.." (something along the lines).

I would like to have relay enabled (I already have port forwarded in router).

Now I am not sure what the issue is.
Kindly help.