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Indexing of metadata in flac files

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:31 am
by xmikew

From what I can tell, tonido uses libtag to look at audio file metadata. However, when it comes to flac files (and I assume by extension ogg files (dont have anymore ogg files)), it appears the metadata is not indexed?

My files are stored like:

":artist/:album/:track_number :song_title"

When I view them in the music app, none of the metadata is there. It appears to try to intuit the information from the file names? If I click "Artists" for example in the app, it shows Albums. Songs shows songs but no other metadata is really used (genre/artist etc).

I tested a couple of my flac files to make sure they were ripped properly. I downloaded the example program from libtags repo, compiled it and ran it against my flac files. All the metainformation is properly stored:

Program Listing: ... reader.cpp

Example output:

Code: Select all

$ ./a.out /media/storage/music/SNMNMNM/Power\ Pack\ Horse\ Crunch/01\ Number\ 10.flac
******************** "/media/storage/music/SNMNMNM/Power Pack Horse Crunch/01 Number 10.flac" ********************
-- TAG (basic) --
title   - "Number 10"
artist  - "SNMNMNM"
album   - "Power Pack Horse Crunch"
year    - "2003"
comment - ""
track   - "1"
genre   - "Alternative"
-- TAG (properties) --
ALBUM       - "Power Pack Horse Crunch"
CATEGORY    - "misc"
CDID        - "8909420b"
DATE        - "2003"
GENRE       - "Alternative"
TITLE       - "Number 10"
-- AUDIO --
bitrate     - 985
sample rate - 44100
channels    - 2
length      - 3:28

So that is all working right. Is tonido not using libtag like I suspected? I see libtag in the /usr/local/tonido subdir.

Thanks for any assistance in getting the metadata indexed!

- Mike

Re: Indexing of metadata in flac files

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:32 pm
by xmikew
My guess here is that the index was getting used somehow?
Not sure but I was running my tonido out of my users home directory. I would start it as my user as /usr/local/tonido/ start

I then moved to a system level approach by downloading the tonido init.d script and following the instructions for running tonido at boot.
This means that tonido is using data out of /root. I'm sure I could munge it to drop privs to the user etc and do a standard /etc/sysconfig/tonido type setup but I didn't instead I recovered my account, re-ran the setup, and then ran "index now".

After an index now, seems like metadata is all fixed up.

- Mike