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What is upper size limit for files transferred by Tonido?

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:02 pm
by McGrath
I use Tonido to transfer media files to my PC, from my IPad, which of course has limited storage space. This works well - there is a generally a reduction of the size of file transferred from the original, but mostly this does not matter. However there is an upper limit to the size of file transferred - Tonido will transfer part of it, but in the case of a video, the end portion will be excluded. I have found that by reinstalling Tonido the size transferred will be slightly increased. The upper limit appears to be around 1GB.

I have seen no reference to this limit in the FAQ etc, and feel it would be helpful to provide this information. Also, does the size vary according to type of computer or tablet, are there any plans to increase the limit, or ways to get round this (eg apps for dividing an over size file and sending it in two parts)?