Auto renaming for Camera Upload files

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Auto renaming for Camera Upload files

Postby amereservant » Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:49 pm

I recently setup Tonido for backing up my iPhone photos since Pogoplug Cloud lost/deleted countless photos I had backed up to it. One of the things Pogoplug did a while back was change the automatic file naming for backup images because otherwise they could over-write previous photos, especially when switching to a new device. Their format is FILENAME_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.JPG. It would be awesome if Tonido had this as either a default or option for mobile camera uploads since backing up photos for mobile devices is a critical thing and there are so few options out there, especially inexpensive ones.
Pogoplug Cloud was attractive because it was only like $6/month, but that backfired due to poor server management on their behalf or whatever caused the loss of mass amounts of data. Several other customers have had the same issue from what I've seen.
That leads me to conclude the best option is a self-hosted one and Tonido looks like the best choice so far.

Another feature request would be a Timeline view feature that allowed users to view their photos in order according to the date they were taken. Photo "Albums" would be nice too. Again, backing up photos from mobile devices and being able to access them is such a valuable feature and self-hosted options are very limited. I really like the Pogoplug browser interface, but their service has sucked for years now and it's terribly slow, even when browsing a local pogoplug device on a LAN. Then their massive loss of users files in their cloud service ... that's unforgivable.

I'd love to see Tonido absorb all of their customers. Many people just want a simple way to backup photos and while Tonido is capable of so much more, attention to this simple feature and refining the user experience in this aspect would be well worthwhile. I'd gladly pay Tonido what I pay Pogoplug per month for this, even though I'm self-hosting it. I just want a solution that works, is reliable, and functions very well.


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