Tonido crashes when asked to upload files

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Tonido crashes when asked to upload files

Postby McGrath » Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:11 pm

When I set up tonido a few days ago it worked brilliantly. I've been finding it a nuisance using an ipad with its limited storage, and rather than relying on cloud storage like Dropbox, using a hard drive attached to my PC seemed a much better solution. But after I'd been able to use tonido for a lot of video files, suddenly it started crashing every time at the point where it asked me to select files to upload, from one's I had already set to open in tonidoid, and had confirmation they were in "videos" on tonidoid.

I tried reinstalling the ipad app, and also the server app on my PC., but the same thing kept happening. And even when I ser up another computer with :) the server app, with a different name and password, it kept happening. It appears that the problem is in the ipad app. It occurs to me that perhaps there is some inbuilt limitation in tonido on the amount of files you can upload, but there doesn't seem to be anymention of this online.

If anybody can suggest any solution, I'd be grateful. When it works this is a brilliant facility. At present it's good for looking at video files on my PC, but I can get that with other apps, but the ability to use my PC like a personal cloud to extend my ipad is something I really want.

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