Change the URL that Tonido generates for shares?

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Change the URL that Tonido generates for shares?

Postby ITesus » Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:56 pm

I don't use Tondio's native ddns: <username> When I generate a share it gives me that by default. If I change the link manually to my domain ( before sending it to someone it works just fine. I'd like to automate that if it's an option though.

I added the swcustomize.xml file to my directory and modified CustomURL string and Tonido began generating the links with my domain name rather than tonido's and I thought I had accomplished what I had set out to. However, the newly generated links with my domain name in them don't work. The page just times out.

Is the ability to change the URL that Tonido automatically generates for sharing something only available for Pro users? Anyone know of a work around.

Thanks in advance.

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