Unable to verify Tonido Software Licensing

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Unable to verify Tonido Software Licensing

Postby jeffbam » Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:06 pm

This error is appearing in the Tonido log approximately every day:

"Unable to verify your Tonido Software Licensing!"

In addition, I am unable to update the Tonido software. It is running on a TonidoPlug 2. I will include the original post I posted on the TonidoPlug board:

My shared files on my TonidoPlug2 were no longer displaying in the web interface, and could not determine the issue, so I reset to the factory OS using the following guide: http://www.tonido.com/communitywiki/dok ... ootfsplug2

It is now restored to the original configuration, but unfortunately, when I click 'Check for Updates', it does not find any. The version it is reporting is, and does not appear to include the DLNA or Backup programs that we need. I would be grateful if anyone could point me to a location or procedure to obtain a more recent software version so that we may continue using the plug.

I have attached the tonido.log in case it is helpful.

Thanks in advance - I appreciate any help that can be offered.

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