Podcast handling?

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Podcast handling?

Postby davidsandey » Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:25 pm

It would be really useful for me if Tonido Jukebox had better support for podcasts.

I currently handle podcasts by subscribing and downloading them in iTunes (I know, but I have a podcast) and then using software to sync the files to a folder on my TonidoPlug. I then have to manually re-sync my "Podcast" collection from within Jukebox. I then manually track the podcasts that I have listened to and mark them as "watched" in iTunes and then as part of the next sync/re-synced the files as before.

This is a really pain in the ass process to go through. A podcast plugin for Tonido that integrated with Jukebox (or including the feature in Jukebox) would be sweet.

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