Software Raid5 and samba sharing support for usb drives?

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Software Raid5 and samba sharing support for usb drives?

Postby ByteHeaven » Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:02 pm

It would be nice, if I could put bunch of USB harddrives with an usb-hub to the plug, then configure them to software raid 5 in admin interface for failsafe (and have there monitoring + alert on failure in Tonido settings page for example). Then I could just share the raided drive to my home network and I have a functional NAS for homeuse (which is well enough for the home need, so I do not have to buy an expensive overkill nas-device for that).

Yes, I know, that would not be for video editing etc. but it would be enough for the videolibrary to be shared for media PC and other devices. No need to have main PC with harddrives and media up and running all the time.

And yes, I can do that in command line if I like. What I thought, it would be nice if there were easy couple of click interface for that + alert system if one drive fails (and ofc then restore when replacing that drive).

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