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Re: Tonido Network Remote Access

Postby madhan » Fri May 08, 2009 9:33 am

Hi Steve,

Several reasons for the change
1. We got lots of feedback saying the home page was quite cluttered
2. People were really confused on remote access via Tonido Network vs Direct Browser based access, so we were trying to reduce the confusion.
3. It appeared to us that no-one was actually using the Tonido Network for direct access.

So we moved it into less prominent location, but it appears that you were actually using it. :D So apologies.

One thing, you might not know is if you have added that other Tonido peer to your contacts or groups, you can click on the contact on the left groups panel and in the popup you can select "Remote Connect" and it will do the same thing. Does that help?

Your feedback is valuable to us.


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