Can't Access Recovered Account on new server

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Can't Access Recovered Account on new server

Postby kc5hwb » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:47 pm

I setup Tonido on a new server, but I am unable to get sync active (relay shows inactive). When I try my URL, it shows "Tonido Enabled Device Unavailable". My URL is

I tried this article, but the screenshots are different and it seems outdated. ... +TonidoPro

I've had Tonido Pro for a couple of years and I see now that it is free. I just installed Tonido and it shows to be running the latest version. But sync isn't working, and remote access isn't working.

What am I missing? The last time I set this up, it was pretty self-intuitive, but now it seems some settings are missing. It shows that I have pro, but it also shows I have a 200GB limit in sync, and I don't remember that before.


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