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Tonido Setup Question - New to software

Postby brob2k1 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:11 pm

I am in the process of setting up my server and had a few questions which I did not find answers to and was hoping someone could assist.

My primary goals are to do the following:

1. Sync certain folders to the server --> Be able to designate a folder or two that can be used to sync the files to the server but if I delete them from my laptop, etc. they would remain on the server.

2. Sync & Backup content from phone --> I want to be able to offload photos and videos from my phone to the server and not necessarily sync them.

3. Backup files from my laptop / other computers to the server --> for example have a virtual folder on my laptop but when I drop a file there it actually moves to the server. I don't want the files to reside on the local machine but be available.

4. I want to ensure that everything is on my server and only on my server which is why I'm a bit confused about the whole "data available through a browser" thing.

From what I have read and researched I believe I can sync with Tonido but if I delete on my local machine it will also delete on the server. Is this correct? I believe with the iOS app I can sync my files to the server but does it actually offload them to the server? For the backup functionality I saw that an Admin recommended using a third party tool called SyncBackSE. Is that the route I should go for what I'd like to do or should I be looking elsewhere? In regards to the security aspect I just want to ensure I'm in control of my stuff and if something happens it's because I did not close down my firewall.

Ultimately the main use for this is for me not to loose files / information and for the wife to stop nagging me about her phone being full since she took thousands of photo's of the kid :-)

I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks in advance.

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