Problem accessing my Macs

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Problem accessing my Macs

Postby poldos » Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:02 am

I have used Tonido for over a year without problem on my Macbook Pro. I think I had version

1) I deleted my old Tonido account
2) I updated Tonido Server software to 7.83.xx
3) I created a new Tonido account for my MacBook Pro
4) I created yet another new Tonido account for a MacBook Air

Initially everything worked: I could access both laptops from each other and from my iPhone and iPad. I then rebooted both Mac's. When I tried to connect again, nothing worked !

In Safari on the Macbook Air, when accessing Macbook Pro with <accountname>
- I got an error message that the Tonido enabled server was not available
- I went into my Tonido settings via the Tonido Server software on the MacbookPro to check Connection, Network and Relay were all "On"
- I made the changes where required
- I tried to access again from the Macbook Air, and then, after several attempts I suddenly got a dialog box requesting username and password to access the "WRT54G" area of my Tonido server; I entered the relevant Tonido account name and password and landed into... the config page of my router !!!

Exactly the same thing happened then other way around, when I tested my Macbook Air Tonido account by attempting to access it from my Macbook Pro.

As for access from iPhone and iPad, although they had worked after the first installation, ie. before I had rebooted my laptops, they all stopped working afterwards. I now get the error message "Failure. Unable to connect. Server might not be running or accessible.

Meanwhile, both my accounts have relay, connection and network "On"...

It's looks like if the problem started when I upgraded the Tonido Server software from v5.xx to v7.xx. Is there anything I need to change to my router config, or my macs? What happened between the moment I first connected without problem and when I tried again after rebooting my laptops ? Why would any settings on them or on my accounts on Tonido's servers change by themselves ?!

Can you help as soon as possible please? Thanks.

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