Tonido for Developers

Resources for developing applications for the Tonido platform.

Tonido is an extensive system allowing you to build a variety of things on the platform as well as use the platform in a variety of ways. A survey of the apps and clients we have built is a testament to the extensibility.

The developer resources are in three categories:

  • - Writing client apps that leverage the HTTP API to access remote Tonido resources. Examples: Mobile Clients, Desktop Clients
  • - Writing apps that run on the platform available via the webbrowser when accessed remotely. Examples: Apps like Tonido Shell, Thots etc
  • - Translating Tonido to another language.

Building Tonido Clients

Tonido Clients can use the Tonido HTTP client API documentation to connect

Building Tonido Apps

You can build Tonido apps using PHP and C++, although we only recommend PHP at this time.

Translating Tonido

Contribute a translation of Tonido to your own language

Developer Community

For questions, feedback: