Moving Tonido Profiles

Here is the problem: You bought TonidoPlug and want to move your profile settings from the Tonido application on your machine to the shiny new server. First, you have to create a tar.gz archive of the Tonido profile. On your machine, locate the tonido/data/profiles/<profilename> (where <profilename> is your Tonido name) folder in the home directory, right-click on it, select Compress, and choose the tar.gz option. Use then TonidoPlug’s Explorer application to upload the created <profilename>.tar.gz archive to the /root/app/tonido/approot/profiles directory.

Next, open the terminal and establish an SSH connection to your TonidoPlug server using the following command (replace <ipaddress> with the actual IP address of the TonidoPlug server):

ssh root@<ipaddress>

Use the following command to switch to the profiles directory:

cd /root/app/tonido/approot/profiles

Finally, unpack the uploaded <profilename>.tar.gz archive using the tar command:

tar xvf <profilename>.tar.gz

Log out of TonidoPlug and log in using the imported profile. That’s all there is to it. You can use the described technique to back up and restore your TonidoPlug profile as well as move it between different instances of Tonido.