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The API usually returns an xml structure containing return data. This layout may vary from command to command, but this is generally what I have found.

     <type>Name of command</type>
     <result>usually 1 or 0</result>
     <message>Some additional return data</message>

other kinds of XML returns

  // contains some meta information about result set
  // data
  // data

Download File



  • filepath: path (including file name) to target file to download
  • filename: target file to download


  • type: downloadfile
  • result: 1 for success and 0 for fail (this doesn’t really need to be checked because the file will download and you will see it, or it won’t)

Upload File



  • path: Path to upload to
  • expandzip: is for expanding uploaded zip files (1 = expand, 0 = no expand)


  • Success or failure message

Zip Files in a Folder


Note: files will be zipped with the following name Tonido_Zip_<zip job id>.zip

Inputs (startzip):

  • path: Path to folder containing contents to zip
  • time: epoch time in seconds

Outputs (startzip):

  • type: startzip
  • result: 1 for success and 0 for fail
  • message: id for zip job

Inputs (zipstatus):

  • id: id for zip job returned by startzip
  • time: epoch time in seconds

Outputs (zipstatus):

  • type: zipstatus
  • result: 1 for finished and 0 for still zipping
  • message: current files that were zipped (files are separated with the following delimiter: [b]nline_[/b])

Abort Zip

To Do

Download Folder


Note: See Zipping Files in Folder to view inputs and outputs for startzip and zipstatus

Inputs (downloadaszip):

  • id: zip job id returned from startzip

Outputs (startzip):

  • Todo: (doesn’t really need to be checked. Download will start or it won’t)

Get Thumbnails

To Do

*More to come*