Mounting Tonido as a Local Drive

As of Tonido version, you can mount your computer’s file system as a local drive without needing to setup a share first in WebsharePro. You still need WebsharePro if you want to provide guest users access to specific parts of your filesystem.

Configuring WebDAV

Using a Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)client, you can mount a drive using:

 1. URL (e.g. or to map directly to the default USB drive on your TonidoPlug:
    or, IP (e.g. http://22.333.1.22)
 2. Your Tonido Admin user name (which may be different than your account and your TonidoPlug admin account)
 3. Your Tonido Admin Password
 4. Port 80, if using a TonidoID URL (FTP clients default to port 21, while WebDAV uses the standard HTTP port 80, which is usually not blocked by corporate firewalls)
    or, port 10001 (or your Tonido port) if using an IP address

Although WebDAV support is built-in to most operating systems, some tools are available to make mounting a WebDAV server as a local drive easier and automatic.

The screenshot below shows a sample configuration using NetDrive.

WebDAV Resources