Setting up and finding your TonidoPlug


When you first unbox your TonidoPlug, you will find a few items:

  • The TonidoPlug itself
  • An ethernet cable
  • A wall plug
  • A power cord

Setting up

The first thing you want to do is to take one end of the ethernet cable, and plug it into the ethernet port on the TonidoPlug. Then plug the other end into your router.

After that, take either the wall plug or the power cord (your preference, really), and attach it to the plug. Then plug it into a power source.

You should see two LEDs on the TonidoPlug. Simply wait until the blue one turns green, and you’re good to go on to the next step.

Finding your plug

After you’ve done the above, open up a web browser and go to This page will try to detect any TonidoPlug devices running from your local network. If this page fails, you can search using your TonidoPlug’s MAC address, found printed under the barcode on the back of the plug. If you are /still/ unable to find your plug, you’ll have to go into your router’s settings and look for the IP address of ‘TonidoPlug’.

Once you have found the internal IP address of your plug, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

First Time Setup

The first time you connect to your plug, you’ll have to go through the First Time Setup wizard. From within your local network, open a browser and go to http://<ipaddress>:10001, where <ipaddress> is the IP address found in the previous step.

You will be presented with a login page. The default username and password are as follows:

  • User: root
  • Pass: nosoup4u

Simply log in, and follow the steps in the wizard to setup your plug.

Tonido Setup

Point your browser to http://<ipaddress>:10001 again, and create a profile. After you have created your profile, log in with it.

The first thing you should do is update your Tonido software. Click on the Settings tab, and find the button that says “Check for updates”. Click it. If any are found, install them.

Next, log back in, and go to the Apps tab, and click “Update all apps”. Congratulations! Your Tonido software is now up to date. You may wish to go to the Install tab within the Apps tab and pick up some more free apps.

Now, you’re all set to use your TonidoPlug within the local network. However, if you wish to access it from the outside world, you’ll need to follow the steps in the next section.

Port forwarding

Find the model number of your router, and go to Find your router on there, and follow the directions to forward port 10001 to your TonidoPlug. Now your plug is accessible from http://<profile>, where <profile> is your profile name.


That should be all you need for now. Later you should look into adding USB storage and moving your user data directory to it, especially if you wish to use the Torrent app.