Demystifying Tonido

What makes Tonido powerful also makes it a tad bit confusing. This is one of the series of articles that hopefully will shed some light on Tonido. Let me list some of the properties of Tonido:

  • Tonido is a software application.
  • Tonido does not refer to one application/function but rather a software platform.
  • Tonido’s functionality comes from its plugins and therefore can be tailored to meet various requirements by installing different plugins.
  • Tonido is platform agnostic with versions currently available for Intel/Windows, Intel/Linux, Arm/Linux, Intel/Mac.
  • Tonido UI is accessed via a browser using HTTP or HTTPS protocol (SSL certificate can be bought here).
  • Tonido communicates to other Tonido instances using AES encrypted UDP connections.
  • Tonido does not require third party servers to transfer data (unless using relay) and all data is local.
  • Tonido provides a dynamic DNS function with a unique URL for access in the form of <id>
  • Tonido does not require active Internet connection to access its data.
  • Each Tonido instance can have one active profile logged in at any point of time. But multiple Tonido instances can be running in the same computer.
  • Tonido SDK is available for third party developers using open source license for new plugins.