Connecting to TonidoPlug via SSH

Be very careful when connected to TonidoPlug via SSH. By default you’ll be root and be able to do anything you want to the system. So… You know “with great power comes great responsibility”

Connecting via SSH on Windows.

1. By default Windows doesn’t have an SSH client. You should download Putty (putty.exe should be enough for most uses). Put the exe on a folder and that’s it, you can use it.

2. Locate TonidoPlug’s private IP. You can do it here or connecting to your own router and checking it.

You can also connect via SSH from outside your network. You should use your external IP and be able to forward TonidoPlug’s port from your router.

3. Open putty. Enter TonidoPlug’s private IP and SSH port. By default the SSH port is 22. We’ll use as the private IP for this example. Name your “Saved session” -“Tonido” in the example- and save it for future use.

You should change your SSH port. Leaving the default one is a security hazard. You sould modify ”/etc/ssh/sshd_config” and then issue the ”/etc/init.d/ssh reload” command to update it.

4. Click on “Open”. You’ll see the command line prompting you for a login. By default it’s “root” and then it’ll ask for a password. By default it’s “nosoup4u” but you should have changed it from your Plug Admin settings.

5. That’s it you’re connected to TonidoPlug via SSH.

Connecting via SSH on Linux.

1. By default most -if not all- Linux distributions come with an SSH client. Just enter the terminal and issue: ssh root@ -p 22. That’s it.

Connecting via SSH on OSX.

1. OSX is based in a flavour of UNIX so it also has an SSH client. Enter the terminal and issue: ssh root@ -p 22. That’s it.