Installing SABnzbd

The first time you run sab it automatically creates a directory, .sabnzbd, in your home, which in this case is /root. The main config file is in /root/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini

In mine I changed the host= to be the internal IP of my plug, and the port to whatever you want it to run on.

I just now realized this, in the apt repositories sabnzbd is already available. So install is most likely just as easy as ‘apt-get install sabnzbdplus’ so I would suggest trying that method first.

Its required packages if you wish to install through apt by hand are: python-cheetah python-yenc yydecode par2 unrar-free unzip python-feedparser python-openssl openssl

Some of them I believe were already installed.

The init.d script I use is:


#Runs the SABnzbd Daemon

case "$1" in
  echo "Starting SABnzbd."
  /usr/bin/sudo -u root -H /usr/local/src/SABnzbd/ -d -f /root/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini
  echo "Shutting down SABnzbd."
  /usr/bin/wget -q --delete-after ""
  echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop}"
  exit 1

exit 0

You should place this in a file in your /etc/init.d directory, I named mine SABnzbd and did chmod a+x on it. You can then run it with /etc/init.d/SABnzbd start, or SABnazbd stop

This will of course have to be modified to suit your installation. The api key is needed for special things like doing a shutdown, this should be contained in that ini file mentioned earlier. You will want to replace the ip and port with wherever sab is running on your plug, and of course replace the path where you have the main sab files located, I moved mine to /usr/local/src. Your sabnzbd.ini should hopefully be located in the same place shown above.

Once you get it running there is still a good amount of configuration to be done, but that can all be done through the web interface. You will have to input your newsgroup servers and ports and logins as well as selecting ssl or not. You also have to setup your download/temp/cache directories.

So in summary, it would be good if someone could try install sabnzbd from apt, I would definitely like to know if this works straight out of the box, especially for ssl and all extra dependencies.

Hopefully someone can try this and let me know if it works, I went through a bit of trial and error and went through some other steps on trying to be able to access the sab web page outside of the plug that I think at this point were unnecessary, so hopefully this guide is all someone would need.

I initially also ran with the plush theme, but I think when actually viewing this theme on the plug sabnzbd can start taking up quite a lot of CPU, I saw it spike up to 40% or higher since that theme is pretty intense. I have since scaled back to using the generic Default skin.

If you want to put this into some official wiki I can re-write it later so its not all scatterbrained, just figured Id get some quick and dirty tips out there.

Thanks for ezelkow1 for this tutorial