Installing IPKG

IPKG is a very simple package manager for embedded devices. It’s used in various platforms:ARM, MIPS, x86… TonidoPlug could contain it and it would simplify installation process of many packages (as long as we build them) and solve a lot of questions how to build <something>.

(Available packages )

How to install:

SSH into tonido (if you don’t know how to follow this guide: Connecting to TonidoPlug via SSH )

# test -e /opt && mv /opt /opt.bak
# mkdir -p /big-disk/opt && ln -sf /big-disk/opt /opt
# wget
# tar -xOvzf ipkg-opt_*_arm.ipk ./data.tar.gz | tar -C / -xzvf -
# mkdir -p /opt/etc/ipkg
# echo "src cross" > /opt/etc/ipkg/armel-feed.conf
# echo "src native" >> /opt/etc/ipkg/armel-feed.conf

now IPKG is installed, now SSH these commands to install a package:

# /opt/bin/ipkg update
# /opt/bin/ipkg install <package>

For example as package, if you want nzbget enter:

# /opt/bin/ipkg install nzbget

you can also install the package in a certain folder with the command:

/opt/bin/ipkg -d <dest> install <package>