Application Development

Custom Software Solutions

If you like the simplicity, power and features offered by Tonido Platform and you want to build on top of it for your own business, you can contact us for a quote to build a custom solution for you.

Open Source

Built on Open Technology

We strongly believe in open systems, formats and standards. Our development philosophy is built on using as much standard technology as possible, including HTTP, HTTPS, XML, OpenID as well as open storage data formats like SQLite.


Best Practices

We believe programming is an art as much as it is science. And we constantly strive to perfect that art using industry-wide best practices. During any custom development with us, you will see short development cycles with feedback loops, version control, defect tracking, root cause analysis, usability metrics and most importantly realistic software schedules.

Virtual Team

World Class Team

Our company's small team of passionate software programmers have experience in cross platform development, distributed systems, AI, neural networks, high availability, network security, massively multiplayer game server development, embedded hardware, hardware protocols and more. With each developer having over 8-12 years of software development experience, we can build your solution quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of fuss.




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